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Standards and security

MTS takes responsibility for every shoe it produces, and proves it: a marking on each
product shows compliance with European safety, comfort and strength standards
defined by law and monitored by Ministry of Labour-approved organisation (CTC)
reporting to the Brussels authorities pursuant to European Directive DIR 89/686/EEC.
This pledge of compliance constitutes an absolute guarantee that MTS products meet
users' safety criteria.

Deciphering the hazard protection your shoe provides

1. Label stitched to the tongue

2. Markings on sole

SRC sole slip resistance standard

Standard EN 13287, a compulsory part of standard EN ISO 20345:2011 SRC.

Safety standards

MTS shoes meet the requirements of standards:

EN ISO 20345:2004

EN ISO 20345:2007 SRC

EN ISO 20345:2011 SRC

Loyal to our pledge to constantly provide more safety, we demand more from MTS shoes and always go far beyond the minimum requirements of the regulations: