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In complete safety
This range has been fully designed to comply with the EN 61340-4-3:2001 ESD standard (Electro-Static Discharge), by means of a special ESD anti-static treatment applied to the sole and insole lining to achieve electrical resistance between 0.75 and 35 ohms
Shoes in the M-ESD range not only protect equipment but also maintain the health and safety of workers:
ATEX Directive (ATmospheres EXplosives) 1999/92/EC
This directive was adopted to control the risk of explosion and so protect workers likely to be exposed to the risk of explosive atmospheres (ATEX zones). Always a safety pioneer, MTS has had its M-ESD range tested by INERIS, a notified body in the European Community for application of the ATEX Directive.
The INERIS Study Report No DRA-10-107959-04889A dated 20/04/2010 certifies that the materials used are antistatic, presenting no risk of ignition, and that shoes in the M-ESD range are therefore acceptable for use in ATEX flammable gas/vapour zones 0, 1 and 2, and dust zones 20, 21, 22. It is recommended that these shoes should also be worn on floors that dissipate electrostatic charges.
Suitable for : Inside/Outside
Ideal for : electronics and fine chemicals industries, working in clean rooms, workings likely to be exposed to the risk of explosive atmospheres (solvents, paints, oil, butane, natural gas, flammable dusts...)
Advantages of the range
  • Models suitable for all industries
  • One model specially designed for women
  • Metal Free: made with no metal parts
  • Lightweight and flexible: 100% Composite
  • Complies with the ATEX Directive (ATmospheres EXplosives) 1999/92/EC
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