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Resistant to 300°C
Designed to offer maximum safety under extreme working conditions and intended for professions involving a risk of flying sparks or steel swarf (metal work, foundries, metallurgy, welding...), this range has specially designed vulcanised rubber soles to resist high temperatures up to 300°C, oils and acids. They provide high protection, ergonomy and everyday comfort.
Suitable for : Inside/Outside
Ideal for : steel industry, metallurgy, boiler works, foundries, oil drilling and related industries, chemical industry (acid resistant).
Advantages of the range
  • Heat resistant sole on contact up to 300°C
  • Deep crampons
  • Resistant to oils and acids
  • Built-in anti-flex shank
  • Energy-absorbing heel
  • Extra wide 200 joules steel toecap
  • Lace holes with anti-corrosion treatment
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